Testosterone companies may use scare tactics in ads

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The demands of daily life can prove taxing for any man. This can be especially true for men who are used to excelling in all aspects of their lives. But the aging process can affect a man’s ability to keep pace. These changes are normal and typically not a cause for major concern.

Regardless, some men may seek to counter the signs of aging by undergoing testosterone therapy. But as we have reported on this blog, the Food and Drug Administration recently announced that testosterone products must now carry warnings informing consumers of potential heart attack and stroke risks.

Nonetheless, in an effort to sell their products, companies that distribute testosterone therapy medicines may overstate the significance of naturally occurring signs of aging. A geriatric journal claims that these companies are engaging in a practice called “disease mongering.”

Basically, disease mongering is a form of using scare tactics to make people believe that their normal ailments are symptomatic of more serious problems. Pharmaceutical companies employ the strategy in their advertising campaigns to convince men that they could benefit from undergoing testosterone treatment.

One of the co-authors of the journal article states that the savvy marketing strategy could be effective in luring affluent baby boomers to start the therapy.

If you believe you have suffered adverse effects caused by a testosterone product, a Texas personal injury attorney may be able to look into your case. By examining your medical records, the attorney could help you determine if you have the basis for a civil suit.

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