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On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2016 | Distracted Driving, Truck Accidents |

As most Texas motorists are well aware, texting while driving is a dangerous practice. Yet, it seems that some people simply cannot break themselves of the habit. And while all passenger vehicles being driven by texting drivers are extremely dangerous, the danger becomes magnified if the vehicle in question is a semi-truck.

And if a texting truck driver should cause an accident, then the innocent victims injured in that accident may want to file a lawsuit. But success in such a lawsuit could be contingent upon proving the driver’s negligence.

Fortunately, there are a number of investigative methods available when attempting to prove a truck driver was distracted by texting when an accident occurred. It is possible to secure records of the driver’s texts and compare the times on those texts with the time of the accident. In addition, many trucks are outfitted with devices that record data that could also be used to help determine if the driver was texting before or during the time the accident took place.

Those injured in truck accidents frequently require long stays in the hospital followed by extended periods of convalescence. In addition to the pain and suffering that victims endure, they and their families are also faced with ongoing, expensive medical costs. This means that it is critical that victims receive appropriate compensation. And this can sometimes be accomplished if the victim can prove negligence on behalf of the truck driver or his or her employer.

But putting a strong case together requires an understanding of how to organize an investigation as well as knowing which professionals to call for expert opinions.

At Tyler & Peery, we make it our business to utilize a variety of knowledgeable sources that can perform investigative services as well as cost assessments of your many expenses. With this information, we can build a case aimed at getting you the amount of compensation you need to help with your recovery. After reading over the pages of this website to acquaint yourself with our many services, please feel free to contact us if you think you may need our assistance.