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Trucking companies are under increasing pressure to deliver goods faster and cheaper. As a result, truck drivers are silently encouraged to exceed the maximum amount of driving hours as permitted by federal law. Additionally, in order to meet deadlines, truck drivers may speed – at times, excessively. Now, with cellphones, truck drivers can send text messages to their employer, a delivery drop point or family members regarding their schedule and location.

Distracted Truck Drivers = Accidents

This often results in truck drivers taking their eyes off the road, leaving them unprepared to react to slick road surfaces or the traffic around them. At the The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we work closely with investigators in establishing the role of text messaging in truck driving accidents. Since most truck drivers deny they were texting at the time of an accident, it’s important to expose the truth and establish fault on the part of truck drivers.

We have the experience and investigative resources needed to expose texting and driving on the part of distracted truck drivers who cause serious accidents. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case,
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Investigating Truck Accidents Involving Texting And Driving

Most truck drivers deny they were texting and driving given the serious implications for their job, insurance and driving record if caught. However, each time a text message is sent, it is catalogued by the cellphone used and the carrier providing service. Additionally, most trucks have either an onboard black box data recorder or a GPS tracking system. By comparing cellphone records against GPS data or information from a truck’s black box data recorder, we may be able to determine if a driver was texting prior to or during an

Working with accident investigators, electronics experts and other professionals, we can also determine if a truck driver was speeding at the time or engaged in excessive driving maneuvers to regain control of his truck. By examining and measuring skid marks and information from a truck’s black box data recorder, we can tell if the steering wheel was jerked to one side or another, suggesting a truck driver did not have both hands on the wheel or was not in full control of his vehicle.

Determining The Cost Of A Texting And Driving Truck Accident

Truck accidents often involve serious head wounds, spinal cord injuries and amputations. In order to ensure our clients recover damages proportional to the financial impact of their injuries, our attorneys consult medical economists and life care planners. We look at costs associated with lost wages, physical therapy, in-home care, medical equipment and diminished quality of life.

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