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Technology Causing Truck Accidents in Texas

Advanced technology has increased communication, available resources, and
many other benefits in the twenty-first century. However, the ready availability
of this technology to truck drivers has contributed to the increase in
truck driver negligence and in trucking accidents throughout Texas. Conversely,
technology also results in better record keeping and can permit better
investigation of negligent actions. At the
Law Office of Tyler & Peery, we strive to uncover negligent use of technology, show how it contributed
to your accident, and obtain rightful compensation for this negligence.

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How Technology May Have Caused the Truck Accident

Truck drivers have access to a vast amount of technology to ensure they
are able to communicate with dispatch, such as laptops, E-mail, cell phones,
and other equipment. As experienced trucking accident lawyers, we recognize
that this equipment is not always used appropriately and its improper
use may have contributed to your accident.

  • Was the truck driver reading or typing an e-mail rather than being attentive
    to the road and other vehicles on the road?
  • Was the truck driver talking on a cell phone?
  • Was the truck driver focusing unnecessary attention to non-work-related
    discussions with other drivers over the CB radio?
  • Was the truck driver talking on the phone or sending e-mails during time
    designated for sleeping, contributing to fatigue?

Uncovering Negligent Technology Use

Black boxes (Engine Control Modules), cell phones, e-mails, and other equipment
leave documentation that can be used as evidence in your trucking accident
lawsuit. As thorough truck accident lawyers, we meticulously investigate
the technology usage and work to uncover gross
negligence by the driver or trucking
company. We investigate and analyze issues such as:

  • GPS locations to determine positioning, timing, and speed
  • Call times moments prior to the crash
  • Outgoing and incoming messages prior to the accident
  • Disabled Qualcomm lock-out systems enabling a driver to use the laptop
    while the vehicle is in motion
  • Black box report of speed, engine, and governor system just prior to the crash

Aggressively Pursuing Maximum Compensation for You

Showing that a truck driver or commercial trucking company’s gross
negligence was the
cause of your accident may result in more significant awards of compensation. As experienced
attorneys, we understand how to unveil uncover gross negligence through intense
early investigation of technology abuse.

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