Negligent Hiring Of Truck Drivers In Texas

San Antonio Truck Accident Attorneys Investigating Negligent Hiring Of Truck Drivers In Texas After an Accident

If a truck driver’s negligence contributed to a severe trucking accident, the driver’s employer is automatically liable. However, by proving that the truck company knowingly placed a bad driver on the road, we can help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries or loss. At the The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we have been committed to maximum client recovery since 1990.

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Negligent Hiring Practices

Profit is often outweighed by safety. Performing vital background checks and other verifications may be overlooked in the interest of getting another driver on the road. Federal motor carriers have a duty to ensure the truck drivers placed on the road are safe and qualified. As experienced truck accident lawyers, we carefully investigate and evaluate if the company utilized negligent hiring practices.

  • Did the driver have a valid CDL (commercial driver’s license)?
  • What were the driver’s driving qualifications?
  • Did the driver submit to and pass drug testing?
  • Did the driver have a criminal history?
  • Did the driver have a history of chemical dependency?
  • Was the driver medically qualified to drive a semi truck or any other large truck?
  • Did the driver have a poor driving record?
  • What was the driver’s accident history?
  • Was the driver involved in other catastrophic or fatal trucking accidents?
  • Did the company have a reputation for hiring bad drivers?
  • Did the company routinely hire drivers with drug or alcohol abuse problems?

Board-Certified Personal Injury Attorneys

As experienced catastrophic injury and wrongful death lawyers, we understand the turmoil you are facing. We have exceptional investigative skills that we use to uncover any negligent hiring practices of the trucking company. We aggressively prepare and present the case to ensure you receive the full amount of recovery you are entitled. If you have a truck accident claim resulting from the negligent hiring practices of the truck company, we can help.

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