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What do a trash truck, a tractor-trailer truck and a
dump truck have in common? Aside from being commercial vehicles typically operated
by hired drivers and owned by separate companies, they are also immense
and powerful vehicles with a propensity for malfunction if not maintained.
And, in the case of a
tragic accident in Arlington, Texas recently, all three happened to be traveling through
the same intersection within moments of each other and a domino effect
of collision resulted, beginning with the trash truck and ending with
the dump truck.

Authorities report the trash truck driver navigated a right turn at a high
rate of speed. Whether or not the speed was because he was trying to make
the turn before an oncoming tractor-trailer isn’t stated but he did
allegedly clip the side of an oncoming tractor-trailer, which threw the
trash truck onto its side, just in time for an oncoming dump truck to
slam into it.

The emergency respondents made every effort to extract the trash truck
driver from the truck but found that he was already deceased. The dump
truck driver suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital. The driver
of the tractor-trailer suffered no notable injuries.

No causation was reported for why the fatally injured driver clipped the
tractor-trailer and whose fault it may be. The accident scene is likely
being investigated by authorities and perhaps insurance investigators
and attorneys for the deceased. If it can be demonstrated that the fault for this
wrongful death might have been because the tractor-trailer was not at the appropriate
stop or was supposed to be stopped and was not, there may be a case for
liability. If the trash truck was found to have limitations in visibility
or mechanical failings, the company that owned it may be held accountable.

If you or someone you love was injured or killed in an accident involving
a commercial vehicle, your decision to work with an accident attorney
may be the best decision you make. They can ensure all angles of the accident
have been properly investigated to determine whether someone’s negligence
or recklessness may be to blame for the tragedy.
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