Compensation For Injuries Caused By A Dump Truck Or Tow Truck

Dump trucks, tow trucks and construction vehicles pose heightened accidents risks to other drivers, as well as to pedestrians. If you’re around one of those vehicles, you can do everything right – and still, get injured.

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How Did Your Accident Happen?

There are many ways in which a dump truck or a tow truck can cause a catastrophic accident. For example, many dump truck drivers get paid on how many loads they deliver. Often safety goes out the window as they hurry to make one more run by the end of the day.

Dump truck accidents can happen on the way to or from the oilfields or a construction site. Indeed, they can also happen on an energy extraction or construction site itself such as when a truck that is dumping its load tips over due to the abrupt change in weight.

Along with construction vehicle accidents, another common type of accident involving dump trucks is backup accidents.

For tow trucks, accident hazards are also significant. Of course, tow truck operators who respond to roadside emergency calls face serious dangers from passing cars. Yet those same operators can also cause accidents if the car they are towing affects their vision or the balance of the tow truck.

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