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On Behalf of | May 12, 2017 | Fatigued Driving, Truck Accidents |

For everyone on the road, colliding with a large truck can be perilous. Between the sheer size of these vehicles and the length of time it may take a trucker to slow down, those who collide with a semi truck often face an especially high risk of suffering an injury or passing away. In San Antonio, and in all other parts of Texas, some of these collisions occur because a truck driver was too tired to safely operate their truck. For trucking companies and drivers, avoiding trucker fatigue is crucial.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers a number of pointers that truckers who wish to avoid truck driver fatigue should keep in mind. While some recommendations may seem like common sense, too many truck drivers continue to ignore the warning signs of fatigue and take to the road anyway. Truck drivers should watch out for any medications that may make them drowsy while behind the wheel and might want to try and take naps, if possible. However, it is not safe to combat fatigue by only drinking large amounts of coffee or other strategies to feel alert. Furthermore, truck drivers should always try to get plenty of sleep and should not put themselves and others at risk by working excessive hours.

Even though many truck drivers are aware of how risky fatigued driving is, some still push themselves to drive when they are too tired. For those whose lives have been shattered by a negligent truck driver or company, swiftly taking action is vital.