Automakers’ Tactics Try to Prevent Victims from Getting Their Due

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2010 | Auto Defects |

Automakers’ defective vehicles have recently injured thousands of people, yet they are making it increasingly difficult for victims to win settlements in legitimate cases. Legal experts believe companies like Toyota – which has seen a sharp increase in catastrophic injuries and deaths as a result of the unintended acceleration in some of its vehicles – will basically try to outlast and outspend plaintiffs in lawsuits, even after the plaintiff wins a jury verdict.

One would think that given the bad press that Toyota has experienced, injured people would have an easier time getting the compensation they deserve through the courts. In Texas, however, commentators note that the appeals courts act friendlier to corporate interests.

Automakers that make defective cars, trucks or SUVs are not intimidated by huge jury verdicts because they believe there is a good chance that a jury verdict will be overturned by the Texas appeals courts.

This mentality encourages car companies to spend whatever is necessary to drag out lawsuits. This tactic also gives automakers additional time to let their safety-focused marketing campaigns change public opinion in the wake of massive recalls.

Knowledgeable personal injury lawyers who have solid experience in these types of cases will continue to fight for their clients and refuse to be intimidated by these litigation tactics. Now, more than ever, it’s important to seek an attorney with a proven track record in auto-defect litigation. An experienced lawyer discourages auto manufacturers from adopting scare tactics that work well on less-experienced attorneys.