MLB hopeful loses life in truck accident

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“He was a great kid with high energy and a lot of confidence, and performed well for us after signing,” says Bobby Heck, assistant general manager for the Houston Astros. In the Washington Post, Heck says, “This is a huge loss for everyone that knew him.”

Heck is referring to 18-year-old Dustin Kellogg, the Houston Astros pitching prospect, who was recently killed in a motor vehicle accident involving a freight truck.

The accident happened in Houston, Texas, where Kellogg was from, and where he was looking forward to playing for his “hometown team.” In fact, as the Washington Post reports, the Astros were planning to “make his dream come true.”

It’s not clear what caused the truck accident. Though Kellogg lost his life in the wreck, the freight truck driver was apparently unharmed.

Source: The Washington Post, “Houston Astros’ pitching prospect Kellogg killed in automobile accident,” 10/04/11