Car crash claims life of former Texas Rangers baseball pitcher

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The Texas Rangers lost one of its former players – the 32-year-old pitcher Rosman Garcia – in a car crash in Venezuela (Garcia is originally from Venezuela) in late December. Garcia had been playing for the Aragua Tigers in his home country. Prior to that, Garcia had pitched for the Yankees for years before pitching in 2003 for the Texas Rangers.

As Fox News reports, Buck Showalter is a former Texas Rangers manager. After the fatal car wreck, Showalter said, “He really cared. He was a good teammate, always had a smile on his face. He really tried hard and loved playing. He was pleasant, full of energy and always loved helping his team win.”

The facts surrounding Garcia’s car wreck are not entirely clear; according to Fox News, the Venezuelan baseball league president tweeted that Garcia’s accident happened outside Caracas on the Central Regional Highway, but no other facts are given.

We do not know how closely the laws of Venezuela parallel the laws of Texas when it comes to car accidents caused by negligent driving. We do not assume that Garcia died as a result of someone else’s negligent driving; however, fatal car wrecks are often the result of careless behavior: texting while driving, speeding, or getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Source: Fox News, “Former Rangers Pitcher Garcia Dies in Car Accident in Venezuela,” 12/30/11