Truck driver causes 18-wheeler pile-up, Texan killed

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The accident happened one state over, but it’s still too close for comfort, reminding us of the dangers lurking on South Texas roads. Eagle Ford Shale truck accidents happen all the time these days.

But according to the Associated Press, the state of Louisiana experienced something similar, when a truck driver crashed into an 18-wheeler. In turn, the hit 18-wheeler struck a third 18-wheeler. The truck driver was subsequently cited for reckless driving and following too closely, as the AP reports.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the negligent driver was part of a convoy hauling oil and gas equipment for Frac Tech International Services. Both Louisiana and Texas are heavily involved in the oil and gas industry. There are plenty of trucks on the road in both states.

Unfortunately, the truck accident resulted in the death of 56-year-old Texan Jim Harville.

Source: Trucker cited in deadly crash involving three 18-wheelers