Back-over accident in Bexar County claims life of 2-year-old boy

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A terrible accident in Bexar County early Wednesday morning this week is a reminder to all drivers – especially those with children or who live around children – to exercise extra caution when backing out of the driveway.

So-called “back-over” accidents happen every year. As many as 50 kids are involved in back-over accidents every week, according to some sources, and many of these end in fatalities.

In the accident on Wednesday, the 28-year-old mother dropped her 2-year-old son off with her aunt. Unaware that the 2-year-old had run out into the driveway to say goodbye, and despite the aunt’s attempts to stop the child, the mother backed up and ran her child over.

As Karen Grace and Jenny Suniga report for KENS 5 San Antonio, a Bexar County deputy said, “The aunt … made an attempt to run after the child but she fell down the stairs and hurt her foot.”

While we often write about wrecks involving 18-wheelers and the Eagle Ford Shale, this story was definitely worth a mention. Back-over accidents deserve more attention. While in this case the mother presumably thought her child was safely inside her sister’s house, safety advocates recommend never backing up unless you know where your children are.

Source: Mom backs over 2-year-old boy in tragic driveway accident