Tips to prevent dog bites this Halloween

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In anticipation of Halloween, CBS News in Dallas-Fort Worth gives us some tips on how to prevent a dog bite. Dog bites might be the greater threat, according to the report, than your kids getting overloaded on candy. Because dogs tend to be territorial, especially among strangers, the prospect of kids running around other people’s lawns could be dangerous.

Here are a few tips for both dog owners and parents to follow on this Halloween:

Dog owners

  • Keep your furry beast away from the front door; keep it kenneled or otherwise sequestered in another room
  • Keep your drapes closed – as you know, whenever a stranger comes walking up to the door (even a family member) your dog might be tempted to go nuts, and there will be lots of people coming to the front door
  • Perhaps most important, keep your dog inside the house, as Halloween is a time for pranks and other mischief


  • If you see a dog in the yard, skip that house and have your kids go trick-or-treating elsewhere
  • Do not approach a loose dog in your costume – you might look like a stranger even if you and the dog are familiar with each other

According to Doggone Safe, which works to prevent dog bites, as CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports, the same dog might even react differently to different costumes. The moral of the story is to exercise extra caution this Halloween. If you own a dog, keep your dog away from the front door, which will minimize the risk that your dog will bite trick-or-treaters. And if you are a parent with a child who is out and about, remind your child not to approach dogs and to avoid loose dogs in yards – leashed or not.

Source: Halloween Dog Bite Prevention Tips