Serious San Antonio truck accident sends nine to the hospital

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On Saturday night, a serious traffic accident involving two vehicles caused a number of injuries.

According to police investigators, a northbound pickup truck loaded with seven people somehow lost control and flipped over a number of times. Before coming to a rest, the pickup truck clipped a passenger car with two occupants.

Miraculously, no one was killed in Saturday’s truck accident. But, all nine occupants of the two vehicles wound up in the hospital.

Two of the truck passengers were admitted in critical condition, according to San Antonio police. The least serious injuries were reportedly among those crash victims inside the passenger car that was clipped; the driver and the passenger in that automobile only suffered minor injuries.

In a serious, rollover accident like this one involving almost ten people, it is very fortunate that more serious injuries did not result. That is particularly true of the motorists who were in the second vehicle that was hit by the truck. Given the generally larger size of trucks compared to other vehicles on the road, crash victims who are in some other type of automobile often sustain more serious injuries when involved in a collision with a truck.

Further details have not yet been released and the authorities will continue looking into the crash. For the victims, paying for resulting medical bills will no doubt be a real financial burden, and it is likely that at least some of them will seek compensation from the driver at fault for the crash.

Source: Associated Press, 9 hurt in San Antonio truck rollover, car wreck, June 17, 2013