High winds linked to oilfield accident near San Antonio

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2014 | Oil & Gas |

An oilfield work environment presents a variety of possible hazards. Texas pipeline workers must remain ever alert to dangers inherent in their profession. But even the most conscientious worker cannot predict the perils brought on by sudden shifts in the Texas weather. Severe weather can very quickly elevate the possibility of oilfield accidents.

A weather-related oilfield accident occurred last week in Dewitt County. As a pipeline crew worked, high winds brought on by a weather front whipped through the area. The high winds are believed to be responsible for felling a utility pole. In turn, electricity from the power line connected with pipeline machinery operated by the crew.

A 22-year-old Sealy resident suffered injuries severe enough to warrant Emergency Medical Service transport to a hospital. The Sealy man was later moved to a San Antonio hospital where he was listed as stable.

A simple shift in the wind can cause a painful and difficult shift in the life of an oilfield worker. This shift could mean major expenses due to immediate medical treatment, lost wages and even prolonged physical therapy. Uncontrollable forces often cause innocent people to suffer.

While physical pain endured by the victim of an oilfield accident is difficult to eradicate, financial pain can often be addressed with proper counseling and legal action. If you or someone in your family incurred injury while working in an oilfield environment, monetary compensation may be due. To ensure you get proper restitution, you should contact someone with familiarity in the workings of injury law as it pertains to oilfield work environments.

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