Texas heat could bring out worst in some motorists

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2014 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The Texas summer is once again upon us and it brings with it a relentless sun and temperatures that often top the 100 degree mark. When behind the wheel in hot day conditions, we may find ourselves dealing with myriad stress-inducing circumstances that could increase the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents should we not keep our emotions in check.

Should a person allow the frustrations of bad drivers or traffic jams take too heavy a toll on their emotions, they can easily find themselves acting in a dangerously aggressive manner.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety tells us that aggressive driving factors into 56 percent of fatal vehicle accidents. When encountering an aggressive driver on the road, you need to maintain personal control and not let them draw you into a dangerous situation. The following are some tips to help keep you safe.

  • Give a wide berth to any driver looking for a fight. Just get out of their way.
  • Never get out of the car to personally engage with an aggressive driver.
  • Do not match an aggressive driver’s behavior. Allowing the situation to escalate can create a much greater risk of a collision.
  • If you believe someone is following behind you, or is attempting to start a physical altercation, use your cellphone to contact the police.
  • If being followed, do not go home but rather head to an area where there are many people. The presence of others could dissuade an aggressor from attempting to engage in a physical encounter.

When someone has lost control of their emotions while on the road, they become a frightening menace to all those in their proximity. Accidents caused by aggressive drivers can leave victims with serious injuries and excessive medical expenses.

If you are ever in an accident due to crossing paths with an aggressive driver that person should be held legally accountable for their dangerous actions and for any compensation due for injuries or damages. A Texas accident attorney can help carry out a thorough investigation and may be able to help pursue all avenues of potential justice and recompense.

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