How can I reduce the risk of injuries when stopping a dog fight?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2015 | Dog Bites & Animal Attacks |

Sometimes when dogs cross paths while out walking, they do not get along. Dog fights are very common and also very scary. Once dogs start violently tussling, it is very important to get them separated. But fighting dogs can bite and cause serious injuries. So what can you do to reduce the risk of being bitten when breaking up a dog fight?

One thing you should avoid doing is grabbing the dogs by their collars. In the midst of a fight, a dog will respond violently to anyone, even its owner. One method you may want to employ is to make quick, loud noises, by clapping or banging on an object.

But in some instances, you may choose to employ physical intervention. In order for two people to break up a dog fight, each person should get behind a dog and lift it up by the hind legs, near its body. You then pull the dog backward in a manner similar to moving a wheelbarrow. Once the dogs have been separated, get them out of each other’s sight.

Remember, any attempt to break up a dogfight always poses the threat of physical harm, so proceed with great care. Even if you follow the suggestions contained in this post to the letter, you could still be seriously injured when intervening between two fighting dogs.

The chances of dog fights are greatly increased when negligent owners let aggressive dogs roam free. If you or a family member are ever bitten by someone else’s dog, you may wish to contact a Texas personal injury attorney. Given the circumstances of the incident, you may be able to seek compensation from the dog’s owner.