Oilfield workers may face safety issues during downturn

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Oil & Gas |

Regarding oilfield work, when times are good, they are very good. Jobs at drilling sites can be extremely lucrative and not so long ago such jobs were plentiful. Unfortunately, the job market for oilfield workers can be as volatile as the oil market itself. This has been bad news of late for workers whose jobs have been drying up as companies are shutting down hundreds of oilrigs.

But even in these tough times, oil companies are retaining some of their staff. And while those who have managed to hang on to their positions are likely grateful to still be getting a paycheck, they may also be finding themselves in greater physical danger.

When a company lays off a number of workers, safety issues can arise as those who remain may be asked to take on a heavier workload. This can include performing the functions of several people. The president of a consulting company says that older workers could be asked to do jobs they have not had to do for over 20 years.  She also points out that even employees with stellar safety records can become vulnerable due to the stresses of their situation.

An oilfield worker cannot be blamed for being stressed out or even distracted by the current state of affairs in the oil industry. But it is also easier for accidents to occur if a worker is weary from stress or is tired from having to take on the responsibilities that were previously handled by other workers.

If you should suffer an injury while working in an oilfield, it is important that you receive the medical attention you require. This means reporting your injury to your employer so you can file for workers’ compensation. Enlisting the services of a Texas personal injury attorney could be a good step to take after being injured. The attorney may be able to help make sure you get the due compensation you need.

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