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On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

At present, there are several Texas cities that are experiencing growth. People from all points on the map are putting down stakes in the Lone Star State, and this influx is reflected by the number of cars and trucks that are on the roads and highways.

For instance, if you regularly travel through the city of Austin, you have probably noticed an increase in traffic congestion. The jam-packed thoroughfares are a clear indication that the city’s population is on the rise. While there are more passenger cars on the road, there also seem to be more big rig trucks as well.

One of the most hazardous aspects of heavy traffic flow is that it can lead to dramatic changes in the speeds at which motorists are traveling. It is not unusual to be driving at highway speeds then suddenly have to slow down or even stop due to road construction or an accident.

For this reason alone, truck drivers must always be alert to any sudden changes in traffic speed. Semi trucks need plenty of distance to safely slow down and stop. Should an inattentive driver fail to recognize an abrupt change in traffic flow, he or she could easily plow into the back end of a slow-moving or halted vehicle.

Occupants of vehicles that are struck by trucks could suffer very serious injuries. Rear-end collisions are known to cause very severe neck and spinal injuries. These are the kinds of injuries that can require expensive long-term care.

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