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If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one due to harm resulting
from a semi
truck accident you may be curious whether you can hold the driver accountable. You may
be surprised to know that in some cases, not only will you be able to
pursue the driver in a court of law; you may be able to hold many other
parties accountable as well.

When an 18-wheeler is on the road, the driver is often not the owner, he
simply drives the truck provided for him to get the load from one place
to the next. If he is the driver he often is contracted out to haul another
company’s load. These companies have an obligation to maintain their
trucks and ensure the loads are adhering to various safety regulations
regarding hazardous loads and are not deemed dangerous for being over
the weight limit that is imposed based upon whether they are a two-axle,
tandem or single axle truck.

Damages awarded in can be substantial. The court may determine you are
entitled to damages if you have lost a companion, lost wages, lost the
ability to earn an income, pain and suffering, medical expense and other
financial losses that follow your accident.

If you were and you don’t know where to turn, a Texas accident attorney
with a focus on Truck accidents will be able to hear your case and determine,
based upon your circumstance, what the best route for you is in receiving
the maximum compensation.
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