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No-zones are traditionally associated with tractor-trailers (18-wheeler
trucks). They are the large trailers that are attached behind trucks carrying
the cargo. It is important to review
no-zones because tractor-trailer collisions are exceedingly dangerous. In 2014,
about 3,660 people were killed in accidents involving large trucks. Therefore,
to understand these dangers, it is important to know how no-zones work
and contribute to fatal accidents.

Due to their sheer size, tractor-trailers have huge no-zones. No-zones
are areas that are blind spots for the truck driver (places he cannot
see) and are the likeliest spots for an accident to occur. Large trucks,
unlike standard sedans or SUVs, have fewer rear view mirrors (because
the trailer blocks most of the rear-view window). Furthermore, trucks
are heavier and therefore need longer distances to slow down and stop.

You can identify a no-zone using four basic criteria.

The front no-zone refers to the area in front of the truck that is necessary
for it to come to a complete stop. The basic rule to avoid this no-zone
is to give trucks a wide berth so that they have sufficient distance and
time to slow down.

The side no-zone refers to either side of the truck. Tractor-trailers are
dozens of feet long. The general rule for this no-zone is if you can”t
see the driver in his side mirrors, then he cannot see you. Just to be
safe, you should try to avoid driving next to large trucks for extended
periods of time.

The rear no-zone is the area directly behind the truck. There is no way
the driver can see directly behind you. When you follow a truck, you need
to give several car lengths of distance to ensure that you appear on one
of the side view mirrors.

Finally, trucks make very wide turns. It is critical that you aren”t
too close when they are making their turns, or you could get caught between
the truck and curb.

If you or a loved one was injured in a
truck accident, you might want to
consult with an attorney you could have an actionable claim for damages. Accidents involving trucks
are dangerous and complicated to prosecute. A lawyer can go over your
situation and advise you of the best way to seek recovery for your injuries.