Reasons To Consult With Your Attorney Before an Insurance Company

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Suffering an injury from an accident is, for most, a difficult process
to go through. Depending on the extent of the injury, you could be trying
to heal for weeks, months, or even years. It can be even harder to heal
knowing that your injury was due to the negligence of another person.

Injuries due to events such as
car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, truck accidents sadly happen frequently.
Unfortunately, many victims are left trying to put back the pieces of
their lives, especially if their injuries are particularly devastating
and they are unable to work or lead as normal a life as they are used to.

In many instances, after you have suffered injuries and damage to your
vehicle after a crash, your best bet at healing may be to recover compensation
from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. However, it is always
important to consult with an attorney before you speak to the insurer.
There are a few reasons for this that you must know.

An Attorney Knows How to Deal with Insurance Companies

One reason why you should always talk with an
attorney before you contact the insurance company is that the lawyer knows the
full extent of personal injury law in your state and has experience dealing
with insurance companies.

As an injured party, your emotions will probably be at the forefront, which
means if you speak with a representative from the insurer, you may say
too much and that could potentially be used against you. A lawyer, on
the other hand, is objective and knows exactly how to speak with a professional
from an insurance company in a manner that will not jeapordize your case.

An Attorney Can Give You Essential Guidance

Your personal injury lawyer can give you guidance that can be essential
after you have been in an accident. If you are considering filing a personal
injury claim against an insurance company, the attorney can provide you
with advice that can help you to decide what the best course of action
is to take. If you absolutely must speak with the insurance company, your
attorney can also inform you properly on what you should and shouldn’t say.

An Attorney Knows How to Present Evidence

When you have to go through an insurance company to recover compensation
for an injury and other damages, speaking with an attorney is absolutely
crucial. They can effectively present the evidence in your case that is
favorable to you.

Your attorney has the knowledge and experience necessary to show the insurance
company the evidence in the best possible way to prove that your injuries
were a direct result of the negligent party’s acts and that deserve
compensation for your medical bills, vehicle damage, lost wages, pain
and suffering, and other damages.

An Attorney Can Speed Up the Process

Talking with an attorney and allowing them to handle any contact with an
insurance company can speed up the process of getting you a settlement.
Your attorney knows the ins and outs of the law and will fight to get
you the best possible compensation amount to cover all your damages.

Additionally, in general, car accident cases can sometimes take time to
resolve, especially without a lawyer. An
experienced car accident can only help to quicken things, which can help you to move on with your
life faster.

An Attorney Can Get Better Settlement Offers

Insurance companies prefer dealing with injured victims due to the fact
that they can simply offer them a lowball settlement that is far less
than what they deserve. Unfortunately, many people are quick to accept
whatever compensation they can get for a number of reasons. On the other
hand, an attorney has the experience and knowledge necessary to know when
an offer is not satisfactory and can fight for your rights by getting
you a settlement that is far better than if you didn’t have them
on your side.

These are some of the best reasons you should always consult with an attorney
before you speak with an insurance company. If you were injured in an
accident in the San Antonio, Texas area and need legal assistance, contact
The Law Offices of Tyler and Peery at 210-340-0900 to discuss your case with an attorney.