Alcohol and Substance Use Is a Leading Cause of Truck Accidents

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Operating a big truck, such as a semi, 18-wheeler, or another commercial vehicle, is much different and more dangerous than driving a regular car. Truck drivers must undergo special training and follow federal and state regulations to maximize safety.

This is one of the reasons why it is both terrifying and appalling that, still, some truck drivers get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or under the influence of other substances. In fact, alcohol and substance use is a leading cause of truck accidents.

Substance Abuse in Truckers

Alcohol and drug abuse in the trucking industry is a serious issue. Drivers are oftentimes having to work long hours or drive through the night; one common way to counteract drowsiness and make all their stops on time is by taking stimulants.

Unfortunately, many trucking companies directly or indirectly encourage this behavior because they don’t want their drivers to get behind. Employers may:

  • Create impossible deadlines

  • Award bonuses

  • Threaten jobs

While knowing that driving under the influence is both illegal and dangerous, they may purposefully turn a blind eye to the fact that a driver is using substances on the job. It’s important to note that, just because the impaired driver physically caused the accident, they may not be the only party held liable.

During the crash investigation, your trucking accident attorney will gather evidence from the scene as well as events prior to the incident. This may show that the employer acted negligently by encouraging the truck driver to take substances or failing to take them off the job when they knew that the driver had a history of impaired driving.

Protecting Your Rights

There is no excuse for operating a vehicle—especially a big truck—under the influence. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident and you believe that the truck driver may have been drunk or impaired, it’s imperative that you seek legal counsel immediately in order to protect your safety and legal rights.

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