SUV-related pedestrian accidents are more likely to cause death

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When Texas pedestrians get into accidents with a vehicle, there’s a possibility that the accident could end up causing a fatality. The chance of a fatality increases when the vehicle in question is an SUV. Knowing how and why SUVs are so dangerous may help prevent more accidents.

Why are pedestrian accidents involving SUVs more likely to be fatal?

There are several reasons why SUVs are more lethal. One key reason is that many of them are built in the block-front design style. When an SUV with this design hits a pedestrian, it slams into the person’s lower extremities, causing extreme damage and forcing energy through the victim’s body. This type of intense impact results in extremely serious injuries or death.

Another reason that pedestrian-related SUV accidents tend to be more lethal is because SUVs are so much larger and heavier than regular cars. The damage they can inflict on a human body is so much more devastating than the damage inflicted by a larger car. The fact that SUVs are larger also means that it takes longer for them to stop than smaller cars. That split second of delayed response time can make all the difference between being able to avoid hitting someone and hitting them.

In addition to possibly redesigning the front of cars, other options being looked into include adding pedestrian airbags to cars. These airbags would inflate on impact like passenger and driver airbags, forming a barrier between the pedestrian and the car. Another option would be to enhance the obstacle sensors on SUVs so that they force the car to stop before motor vehicle accidents.

Where can people who’ve been in car accidents seek help?

People involved in motor vehicle accidents involving SUVs or any other type of vehicle may benefit from working with an attorney. Lawyers experienced in handling accident cases involving cars, trucks and SUVs could help you recover damages.