All drivers must work together to decrease motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents |

Many Texas residents enjoy getting behind the handlebars of their motorcycle in the warmer months. Unfortunately, motorcyclists tend to be at a higher risk for severe injuries when an accident occurs. Preventing motorcycle accidents is a two-way street between motorcycle drivers and automobile drivers.

Cars are typically at fault for accidents

When motor vehicle accidents include a motorcycle, statistics show that car and truck drivers are more commonly at fault than motorcycle drivers. Most car drivers notate the lack of visibility of the motorcycle driver as the reason for the accident. It’s fairly easy to realize that identifying a car from a distance is much easier than trying to identify a motorcycle due to the size of both vehicles.

However, it’s crucial for car and truck drivers to remember that they’re sharing the road with smaller motorcycles. Before making any turns across traffic, car and truck drivers should look twice. Most motorcycle accidents are a result of a car or truck making a left-hand turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle that they didn’t see coming.

Motorcycle drivers can help

While car and truck drivers need to burden the responsibility of paying closer attention to the roadway to identify motorcycles, motorcycle drivers need to do their part to stay visible. It’s mandatory in most states for motorcycle riders to have their headlight on during both the daytime and nighttime to help car and truck drivers identify them. In addition, it’s highly recommended that motorcycle drivers wear bright-colored clothing to be more visible to other drivers on the roadway.

Motorcycle accidents tend to be some of the most deadly accidents that happen on highways. It’s time for all drivers to do their part in reducing the number of accidents involving motorcycles. By following the tips that were presented above, everyone can work together to make our roadways safer for motorcycle drivers.