Do trucks present added dangers to pedestrians?

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Oversized pickup trucks are almost everywhere on Texas roads. San Antonio residents may see massive pickup trucks pulling into supermarkets and other parking lots in metropolitan areas. Since huge trucks appear so commonplace, people forget that these vehicles sometimes present hazards. Even truck drivers might not know a “big rig pickup truck” might present risks to smaller cars and commuting pedestrians.

Big rig pickups may have hidden dangers

Some truck consumers prefer larger and more powerful models. These drivers may need to haul heavy loads for work, which means added size and horsepower are for more than show. A drawback with these massive pickup trucks is the potential dangers they present to others.

The truck’s size may create additional blind spots not typical with a smaller model. Specifically, there could be issues with a front blind spot due to the truck’s design. So, if a pedestrian walks onto the road, the driver may not see the person.

Front blind spots might not be exclusive to powerful pickup trucks. Everything from vans to SUVs to tractor-trailers may present similar dangers.

Avoiding accidents on the road

Anyone driving an oversized pickup could decrease the chances of truck accidents by driving safely. Speeding in business districts or failing to come to a complete stop at residential neighborhood stop signs could increase danger levels immensely.

At average speeds, a super-heavy truck could cause enormous harm to victims of truck accidents. When operating the model recklessly, the chances of crushing and killing someone might increase.

An attorney may negotiate an appropriate insurance settlement for a truck accident victim. Suing the manufacturer may be an option when design flaws factor into an incident.