Staying safely outside of a trucker’s blindspots in Texas

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Staying aware of a trucker’s blindspots can protect you from a potential accident. Sometimes, no matter how good you drive, a truck driver can act impulsively and veer into your lane without enough warning. Commercial trucks have much larger blindspots than a regular car, and a truck can’t quickly maneuver back into their lane if they realize a mistake was made at the last minute.

Blindspots and their influence on a trucker’s driving

Truck accidents often result in more severe injuries that can dramatically impact your life. Understanding the potential blindspots may help keep you safer on the road. If you travel less than 30 feet behind a truck, the trucker may not see you. The space on the left or right side directly under the driver’s cab mirror also serves as a blind spot. Most people don’t realize that a truck can’t see a car less than 20 feet in front of them as well.

Trucks take a long time to stop. When traveling at highway speeds, it could take up to two football fields for a truck to come to a complete stop. When you combine blindspots with a drowsy or careless trucker, it becomes increasingly important to remain vigilant on the road.

The recovery process often requires legal help so that you can concentrate on healing and let your lawyer handle your case. Lawyers who have experience with truck accidents know what to look for to best present your case.

Getting help with a truck accident

A truck accident can change your life in an instant. Even if you follow all safety protocols, another car on the road could cause an accident that ends up involving you. Getting the right legal help to protect yourself can make a difference in your recovery process.