Dangerous gases in the oil industry

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Oil & Gas |

The oil industry is big business in the state of Texas. Many people rely on this sector for a steady income and decent standard of life. While jobs in oil fields provide access to this, they are not without hazards.

One of the most dangerous aspects of oil fields is the numerous types of gases workers are exposed to. These can be a health risk for various reasons.

The danger of breathing in toxic substances

Petroleum gas is common in oil fields and its vapor emits harmful substances such as methane, butane and benzene. While all of these materials are harmful in concentration, benzene is especially noteworthy because of its carcinogenic nature.

Long-term exposure to such substances can result in damage to vital organs and the nervous system. If workers breathe in a highly concentrated amount they can even be killed instantly.

Diesel fumes, mercury vapor, and hydrogen sulfide are also worth consideration. The former is carcinogenic, and exposure to all of these materials can lead to both long-term and short-term health issues.

The flammable nature of gases

The majority of these gases are also highly flammable. It only takes one spark or dangerous source of heat for a blaze to ignite. Employers need to make sure they have an effective safety protocol in place, including PPE and first aid staff/equipment.

Protecting your rights as a worker

As an oil and gas employee in Texas, you have a right to safety. Unfortunately, some accidents simply cannot be prevented. If you have been hurt or fallen ill because of work, you have a host of legal options available to you.