Safety tips for working on a ladder

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A lot of serious accidents happen when workers fall from a ladder. It’s common to consider a construction worker who is trying to bring tools or materials up a 30-foot ladder or an oilfield worker who has to climb to elevated platforms on a consistent basis. Plus, a lot of simple short falls lead to serious injuries. Someone may just be on a stepladder while they’re changing a lightbulb when they fall and hit their head on the concrete.

Since ladder falls are so problematic and can lead to devastating injuries, it’s important for workers to know how to be safe.

The top seven tips

To help workers address safety every time they use a ladder, here are seven different tips that they should always keep in mind:

1. Make sure that the surface where the ladder is set up is flat, smooth and stable.
2. Never carry anything in your hands while climbing up the ladder so that you can maintain three points of contact.
3. Check the weight limit and never exceed it.
4. Never allow workers to climb on the back of the ladder or have two workers climb the same ladder at the same time.
5. Never lean to the side while working at heights or attempt to “walk” the ladder sideways.
6. Inspect ladders periodically to make sure that they are still in good working order.
7. Never ascend the ladder to the very top rungs or the platform on the top of a stepladder.

The tips can help you stay safe on the job, but remember that you may still deserve compensation if you get hurt in a fall, no matter why it happens. This compensation can help to make up for the wages that you’re going to miss and for your medical bills. You definitely need to know what legal steps to take.