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January 2014 Archives

Drug companies seek favoritism from doctors

Doctors are constantly inundated with incentives from drug companies who advocate prescribing their products. However, residents of San Antonio must be aware that the methods employed to influence doctors are a matter of grave concern. Drug companies often use highly questionable processes in getting doctors to prescribe drugs that may be improperly tested or even defective.

Texas motor vehicle accident leaves a child dead

Many times, when one talks about car accidents, he or she is referring to collisions that occur on the roadway. However, a motor vehicle accident can take place in a variety of locations. Some crashes even involve cars wrecking into houses or stores. One Texas accident shows that parking lots can be just as dangerous for drivers and pedestrians as being on the road.

Early death risk increases after brain injury

When someone suffers from a traumatic brain injury, the future might seem very uncertain. Patients might have questions about whether they will regain memory they have lost, whether they will return to normal, and what risks they might be exposed to in the future as a result of their injury.

Teens become distracted easily behind the wheel

After teenagers get their driver's licenses, they often just want to grab the keys and get behind the wheel without a care in the world. Unfortunately, teen drivers have a higher risk for being in a car accident so this care-free behavior can be very dangerous.

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