Lawsuit claims testosterone product carried undisclosed risks

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Often, as men grow older, they find themselves lacking the energy they once had. In order to restore themselves to a physical state better suited to meet the demands that they place on themselves, they might seek some form of supplementation. However, caution is advised because it turns out that currently there are potentially dangerous drugs being marketed as helpful treatments.

AndroGel is promoted as a treatment for what has become known as “Low-T,” which describes a lowered level of testosterone. Testosterone-replacement is a form of therapy that has been on the receiving end of scrutiny of late and AndroGel is now the subject of a consolidated lawsuit.

A U.S. district court in Chicago recently decided to collect lawsuits against AndroGel and form the consolidation. The plan is to fold all similar suits regarding testosterone treatments into the consolidation as a way to expedite legal proceedings more efficiently.

According to the suit, the product’s commercials targeted men who were seeking a way to increase their energy levels and sexual drives. AndroGel is marketed by Abbott Laboratories and AbbVie Inc. There have been accusations made that the companies did not disclose the risks posed by using the product.

An attorney, who represents plaintiffs who used testosterone-replacement products, claims the supplements were sold as a treatment for a contrived condition. In turn, he says men who used the testosterone enhancers were subjected to the potential of incurring strokes and heart attacks.

At present, the Food and Drug Administration is planning to re-evaluate testosterone-replacing drugs based on studies that indicated they posed a possible increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

The hope of improving one’s overall feeling of health and well-being is a powerful magnet for any treatment that promises to deliver as such. But any product that is put out for public consumption must be accompanied with accurate warnings so potential users know what they are getting into. If a company fails to properly inform patients, they may find themselves liable for damage done by their product.

If you believe you have suffered adverse effects from testosterone-replacement therapy, you may wish to seek financial recompense for your injuries. A Texas-based attorney, who handles dangerous drug cases, may be able to look at the facts of your situation and recommend your best legal options.

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