Drug companies must make testing a priority over marketing

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2014 | Defective Drugs |

At times, it can seem like we are awash in advertising for all manner of pills, creams, ointments and other assorted forms of medicine. The messages that take up so much time during commercial breaks on television and radio describe the amazing healing powers that these wonder drugs possess.

Given how expensive broadcast advertising time can be, it is safe to assume that sales of these products can prove quite lucrative for the companies that manufacture and distribute them. It would also appear that these companies have invested heavily in attempting to get their drugs into as many households as possible.

All of this is fine, provided that the medication does in fact do as promised. But most importantly, the drugs must be safe for consumption.

Before a drug is placed on the market, it should be thoroughly tested. Testing can help determine if a medication is safe and if its use causes any serious side effects. If a product’s safety is questionable, it simply should not be released for consumer use.

Unfortunately, the amount of money that investors put into the development of a drug may motivate companies to push it into the public realm. If this happens with a drug that is in some way defective or unsafe, then all those who use it are at risk.

Developing and marketing new drugs is important and can lead to helping many people. But no one is served when large drug manufacturers endanger consumers by selling harmful products.

If you or a family member ever come to harm as the result of having taken a defective medication, you may wish to see that the company that produced that product is held accountable.

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