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October 2010 Archives

Automakers' Tactics Try to Prevent Victims from Getting Their Due

Automakers' defective vehicles have recently injured thousands of people, yet they are making it increasingly difficult for victims to win settlements in legitimate cases. Legal experts believe companies like Toyota - which has seen a sharp increase in catastrophic injuries and deaths as a result of the unintended acceleration in some of its vehicles - will basically try to outlast and outspend plaintiffs in lawsuits, even after the plaintiff wins a jury verdict.

Cell phone radiation linked to cancer

In spite of repeated denials from the telecommunications industry over the past 20 years, it is now known that the microwave radiation emitted from cell phones is linked to cancer in those who have used phones over time. While it may take years for cancer to actually show up, it is clear that there is an increased risk of cancer for those who have used cell phones on a heavy basis and for a long period of time. Precaution should be used so that you are not exposed to higher levels of microwave radiation. We recommend that you use hands free devices or the speaker function whenever possible. It is important to keep the phone away from your body as much as possible. Since younger children are at an increased risk, make sure they do not sleep with the phone in their bed or nearby. Medical science is just now catching up to this new threat. It takes years for cancer to develop but the studies are already showing a definitive link. If you or someone you know develops a cancer in the same area where the cell phone is normally held, you should contact an attorney to evaluate your claim. We can investigate and evaluate claims like this at no cost or obligation to you.

IUDs causing strokes, heart attacks and injury to gallbladder

A new generation of intrauterine devices (IUD) designed for birth control in women are now known to be dangerous and potentially lethal to the patient. There are a variety of medical manufacturers that produce IUDs that are now known to be problematic including Yaz/Yasmin, Mirena and Ocella. Theses device have caused injuries in women by raising the risk of heart attack and stroke, by causing injury requiring hysterectomies and by causing injury necessitating removal of the gall bladder. We will investigate and evaluate your claim if you believe that you have suffered injuries related to your IUD. 

Yamaha Rhino ATV rollover injuries

The Yamaha Rhino ATV has a high center of gravity that makes it susceptible to rollovers even at moderate and slower speeds. This design and manufacturing defect has caused many serious injuries throughout the country and elsewhere. We investigate and evaluate claims these claims that often involve serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries. The Rhino was sold and marketed by the manufacturer and continues to be sold and marketed (with few modifications) in spite of clear evidence of the design defect. If you have one of these vehicles please make sure that precautions and safety measures are used or installed. If you were injured in an ATV accident, call us and we will evaluate your case with no cost or obligation.

Diabetes drug Avandia linked to strokes and heart attacks

The popular drug Avandia that has been prescribed to help control blood sugar in diabetes is now known to raise the "bad cholesterol" in patients. This has been shown to cause an increased risk of heart attack and strokes. If you or a loved one have suffered a heart attack or stroke while using Avandia, please call us for a free consultation.

Trucking Crashes Stay in News: $63 Million Settlement in Focus

Commercial truck accidents have recently grabbed the attention of many folks in San Antonio and the rest of the Southwest. Undoubtedly, the most captivating story has been the $62.7 million settlement resulting from a fatal semi-truck accident.

Ford F-150s Pose Fire Hazard: NHTSA Considering a Possible Recall

A staple of life for many Texans, the Ford F-150 pickup truck is currently being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) because of a defect that can cause fuel-system fires and spills.

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