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July 2014 Archives

Testosterone therapy may cause heart failure

In Texas, many men enjoy leading an active lifestyle. As he gets older, a man may seek to increase his strength and vitality by boosting his testosterone level. In recent years, there has been a proliferation of sources providing testosterone therapy for men who believe they are suffering from a testosterone deficit or what is now commonly referred to as "low-T."

Texas heat could bring out worst in some motorists

The Texas summer is once again upon us and it brings with it a relentless sun and temperatures that often top the 100 degree mark. When behind the wheel in hot day conditions, we may find ourselves dealing with myriad stress-inducing circumstances that could increase the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents should we not keep our emotions in check.

Many Texas construction workers not covered for serious injuries

As those who live here know, Texas has an abundance of opportunities for hard working individuals to find jobs. In fact, in the last decade, Texas has topped all other states in job creation. This fact comes from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, which additionally reports that the statewide bright spot of job creation casts an ominous shadow. Texas is also the frontrunner in the area of worker fatalities.

Fracking may expose oilfield workers to toxic exposure

In this blog, we have previously discussed the ever expanding use of a process called hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, which is being employed as a means of extracting oil up from the ground. Fracking has taken hold in Texas and other states throughout the United States. Its implementation has created an abundance of new jobs and put billions of dollars of revenue in local and state coffers.

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