San Antonio Injury Attorneys Representing Pedestrians Who Have Been Hit By Cars

In Texas, a pedestrian almost always has the right of way. Even if a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle while walking down the middle of the interstate, the driver can be held liable for major damages in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

If you were hurt or you lost a loved one in any kind of pedestrian or bicycle accident, you have the same rights as any other auto accident victim. You have the right to find an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight for full and fair compensation for you and your family. Contact our offices in San Antonio today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Helping You Secure Full Compensation For Your Injuries

A hit-and-run bicycle or pedestrian accident can be devastating. Many Texans do not know that their own uninsured motorist coverage on their automobile insurance policy may pay for these serious injuries, even when the responsible driver cannot be found. At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we recommend that our clients carry at least $100,000 in uninsured motorist coverage to protect themselves and their families.

Learn More About Your Options In A Free Consultation

For more information and to discuss your legal options in seeking full and fair recovery for hit-and-run or crosswalk injuries sustained in a serious pedestrian accident, contact the car accident accident and injury The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery via our online form or by calling 210-340-0900 today.