Holding Automakers Responsible For Occupant Ejection Injuries In Texas

Your chances of survival decrease greatly if you are ejected from a vehicle during a car accident. An occupant ejection typically occurs during a rollover. Most people buy a vehicle, expecting that the automakers will design and manufacture it properly. A vehicle’s design should prevent occupant ejection.

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Causes Of Occupant Ejection

A vehicle should withstand the force of a crash without jeopardizing the safety of its occupants. However, despite advances in technology, injuries are not avoidable in all cases. Improperly designed vehicles can aggravate the severity of accidents and cause an occupant ejection. Improper designs and defective products include:

In cases involving occupant ejections, it is important to hire experts who are knowledgeable about automobile safety standards and the causes of car crashes. We employ experts who will investigate the cause of the accident, such as the car’s instability. The experts can also determine what caused the ejection of the occupant after the accident.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, people thrown from a car face a three times greater risk of death than people who remain in an automobile. Given the risk of being thrown into a tree, or crushed by their vehicle, people ejected from a car face a greater risk of internal injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other fatal injuries.

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