Aggressive Advocacy In Auto Defect Cases

Automakers should design cars that provide adequate protection for you and your family in the event of an accident. At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery in San Antonio, Texas, our attorneys represent people injured by problems with a car’s structural integrity and defective products.

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What Type Of Auto Defect Injured You?

  • Structural integrity: Every vehicle sold in the United States must meet federal crashworthiness guidelines, which define the safety standards for your automobile.
  • Air bag defects: Common air bag problems include failure to deploy or an air bag that spontaneously deploys.
  • Rollovers: A vehicle’s high center of gravity and narrow wheelbase cause rollovers. Rollovers are more common in SUVs and vans.
  • Roof crush: Automakers should design roofs that protect against roof collapse and separation.
  • Seat belt defects: Seat belt spooling, lap belts, automatic belts and latches are common types of seat belt issues.
  • Door failure/latch failure: A defective door may open during a rollover or another accident, tossing the occupant out of the car.
  • Fuel system fire/explosions: Faulty gas tank design and placement can cause a vehicle fire following an accident.
  • Occupant ejection: An improperly designed vehicle can eject an occupant out of the car during an accident.
  • Seat failure: A seat belt and child safety seat will prove useless if a seat back fails during an accident.
  • Truck underride accidents: These accidents occur when a car crashes underneath the trailer of a semi. We represent people in claims against truck drivers and trucking companies.

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