Structural Integrity

Automobile Product Liability Cases

No matter how safely you drive, a defective product in your automobile may still place you and your family in harm’s way. The structural integrity of your car is related to your ability to survive a car crash. An automaker has a duty to design and manufacture safe cars and trucks. If an improperly designed vehicle injured you or a family member, contact a lawyer at The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery for a free initial consultation.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, our firm represents people injured in accidents caused by a lack of structural integrity in an automobile. We hold automakers accountable for designs that contribute to an accident injury or death. Our attorneys have the ability and tenacity to stand up against corporate defendants. We hire experts who understand auto design and the crash test process to help build your case.

Founded in 1990, The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery represents injured people throughout Texas, including people in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin. Weak government standards may cause automakers to make a defective product that has structural integrity flaws. Some of the common structural integrity problems include:

  • Roof crush: In a rollover accident, the roof may buckle or intrude into the passenger compartment of the car.
  • Vehicle rollover: A poorly designed vehicle with a center of gravity that is too high may cause the vehicle to tip over easily.
  • Defective glass: Glass may shatter during an accident, injuring the passengers.
  • Latch and door defect: Doors may open during an accident or fail to protect occupants from outside intrusions.
  • Front-end crumble zone defect: This is a situation in which a car is unable to disperse the force of a front-end accident.
  • Air bag malfunction: An airbag may fail to deploy or deploy prematurely.

Automakers know how to design safer automobiles that can protect you and your family. They sometimes place profits before the safety of your family. In addition, if automakers were required to comply with stricter structural integrity standards, some structural integrity problems might be minimized.

Hold negligent automakers accountable for the injuries their automobiles cause. To learn more about structural integrity problems, contact a lawyer at The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery for a free initial consultation.