Motor Home Accidents

Motor Home Crash Attorneys In Texas

The drivers of RVs and other large recreational vehicles pose a danger to others on the road when it comes to range of things, from a lack of driving experience to just plain unsafe driving, like speeding and distraction.

Take toad braking systems, for example, which are meant to enhance RV safety. When RV drivers tow a car or trailer behind the motor home, whatever is being towed should be equipped with a toad braking system, which engages the brakes of the vehicle being towed when the driver hits the brakes on the motor home. (This is also known as supplemental braking, required in most states.) The absence of toad brakes can cause jackknifing.

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Causes Of Motor Coach Accidents

There are the obvious causes: texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving, speeding, or drunk driving. But especially when it comes to RVs, travel trailers, or campers, there are the not-so-obvious causes, such as:

  • Towing other vehicles behind the motor home without a “toad” braking system, causing jackknifing, as described above
  • Poor maintenance, including ABS brakes that fail or are not properly adjusted
  • Unequal weight distribution or exceeding the allowable weight, causing poor handling and rollovers
  • Hitch systems that are improperly set up, resulting in loose and run-away trailers or vehicles
  • Insufficient training and experience on the part of the RV driver, causing the driver to overreact or drive unsafely
  • RV drivers who do not stay aware of their surroundings may hit bicyclists, pedestrians, and smaller autos (especially when driving motor homes without proper mirrors, which help drivers to see others in their blind spots)

Simply by going too fast in a motor home – to make an obvious point – is never a good idea, because motor homes take longer to stop and to turn.

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