Fuel System Fire And Explosions

Truck And Car Fire Accidents

The design of your car may cause a car fire that can seriously injure you or a family member. Many people remember the Ford Pinto and exploding gas tank cases, but people need to understand that these problems still exist. If designed improperly, a minor accident may cause a car fire.

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, our attorneys represent people who have been seriously injured or killed because of a car fire or fuel system malfunction. Located in San Antonio, Texas, our firm practices in the area of automotive product liability law. If a car fire seriously injured or killed a loved one, contact us for a free initial consultation.

Causes Of A Car Fire

Over the years, automakers learned what causes automotive fires. Many times, ignoring the dangers, they continue to sell defective cars and trucks to unsuspecting consumers. Some of the common causes of car fires that our firm has seen include:

  • Poor placement of fuel tanks
  • Side-saddled tanks, placed outside a vehicle’s frame
  • Tanks placed between a car’s bumper and its axel
  • Defective or ineffective fuel line materials
  • Improperly designed emergency shut-off values
  • Cruise control malfunctions
  • Faulty gas tank designs

Alternative Safer Design

To be successful in a fuel system and car fire case, we will need to establish that there existed a reasonable and safer alternative design that an automaker failed to utilize. As a result of this failure, a car fire may have injured you or a family member. Many car fires are preventable with a few simple modifications that the auto industry fails to implement.

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