Texas Aviation Accident Lawyers Serving Victims And Their Families Nationwide

Aviation law governs the operation of aircraft and the maintenance of aviation facilities. Both federal and state governments have enacted statutes and created administrative agencies to regulate air traffic. Individuals and their families have the right to recover financial compensation when a manufacturer or airline acts negligently in designing, building, maintaining or operating an airplane or helicopter, which results in injury or wrongful death.

Runway Incursions

Another source of aviation-related injury is known as “runway incursion.” The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines a runway incursion as “any occurrence at an airport involving an aircraft, vehicle, person, or object on the ground that creates a collision hazard or results in loss of separation with an aircraft taking off, intending to take off, landing, or intending to land.” Pilot error, air traffic controller error, or ground personnel error can cause runway incursions. The consequences of runway incursions range from minor aircraft or vehicle damage to
catastrophic injuries and loss of life.

If you have been involved in an airplane accident, it is important to contact an aviation law attorney immediately. We are truly committed to achieving fair and just results. Our experience will prove beneficial in valuing your case, assisting in determining if any settlement offers are fair, or deciding whether you should proceed to trial.