Texas Lawyers Helping Injured Tour Bus Passengers

Charter and tour bus companies have rarely seen as much attention as they have lately, due to a rash of bus accidents that seem to have occurred one after the other in a short period of time on the eastern side of the nation. Authorities are responding to what is felt as a public safety “crisis,” but any response from regulators after an accident has happened is simply too late.

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Hold Negligent Bus Companies And Drivers Responsible

The issues range from bus driver negligence to poor safety and maintenance records, and can affect anyone who travels on Texas roads, from passengers on tour buses to motorists whose cars are struck by tour buses.

We regularly go after tour bus companies with the following problems:

  • A record of safety and maintenance violations
  • A record of passenger injuries and fatalities
  • Poor driving records, such as speeding, drunk driving or falling asleep behind the wheel
  • Insufficient background checks on employee bus drivers
  • Tour bus employers pushing their drivers too hard, which leads to fatigue and bus accidents

After a tour bus accident, we frequently find that the case involves most, if not all, of the points listed above, as many tour and charter bus companies are privately owned and poorly regulated.

And it’s not as much a problem of poor regulation than it is a lack of enforcement.

Though government efforts are improving bus safety, many coach buses are only inspected once or twice per year, which means that tour bus operators can “get away” with safety violations – from lack of lights to bad brakes and worse – until they are forced to fix them.

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From luxury coaches to budget coaches, and from interstate buses to short-range shuttles, the Texas Department of Public Safety and state legislators have made strides toward improving tour bus safety, but that won’t prevent all bus accidents.

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