Amputation Injuries Lawyers In San Antonio, Texas

Around 30,000 U.S. residents per year experience traumatic amputations of their hands, arms, feet and legs – and the vast majority of those amputations are related to motor vehicle accidents. The San Antonio area, with its heavy traffic and commercial vehicles, may be particularly prone to such accidents.

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What Are The Long-Term Consequences Of Amputation Injuries?

A traumatic amputation is a life-altering event. Beyond the immediate physical consequences, victims often experience tremendous:

  • Physical challenges: Adapting to life without a missing body part can pose tremendous challenges with mobility, balance, chronic pain, phantom limb sensations and overall functionality.
  • Emotional impact: The psychological toll of a traumatic amputation can be profound, causing the victim intense feelings of grief and even a loss of identity. Amputations can also affect a victim’s social relationships due to discomfort or discrimination.
  • Economic difficulties: Many who suffer traumatic amputations are unable to return to their previous occupations due to their physical limitations.

High-speed crashes, rollovers and accidents involving larger vehicles like trucks or commercial vehicles can exert immense force, increasing the likelihood of traumatic amputations or injuries severe enough to require surgical amputation sometime after the wreck. Our San Antonio amputation injury lawyers will fight to recover the maximum compensation possible for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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