18 Wheeler Accidents Video Transcript

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DENNIS PEERY: Our firm handles all types of 18-wheeler accidents, not only in South Texas and San Antonio area, but throughout Texas.

JOHN TYLER: What makes them different from regular car accidents is in a tractor trailer, you’re dealing with sometimes 50,000 pounds, maybe even more. A car may only weigh 2,500 to 5,000 pounds. And just the sheer weight and the size of these tractor trailers, coming in contact with a small passenger vehicle can result in catastrophic injury and really some really terrible accidents.

DENNIS PEERY: When we look at 18-wheeler accident cases, we’re not looking at just the truck driver’s negligence, but also the motor carrier that employs him because the motor carrier’s ultimately responsible to make sure that the driver’s adequately trained and equipped for safe driving on the road.

JOHN TYLER: Working with an experienced attorney does make a difference in these types of cases because we know what questions to ask. And we know what evidence and information to obtain.

DENNIS PEERY: At the Law Offices of Tyler and Peery, we aggressively pursue our client’s case all the way through to trial. We’re formative trial attorneys.

JOHN TYLER: If you or a loved one are injured in an 18-wheeler accident case, give the Law Offices of Tyler and Peery a call today.