What Qualifies As Adequate Premises Security In Texas?

Knowing what it takes to secure premises can protect people from risks to their safety.

People in Texas frequent many different businesses and public buildings where the expectation is that they can safely and comfortably go about their plans. However, what happens when someone ends up getting hurt as a result of an oversight in security? Inadequate security, wherever it was one of the conditions leading to a safety incident, can become an issue of premises liability. That’s why property and business owners should be aware of what it takes to have security up to par in their place of operations.

What Security Should Cover

The specific types of potential safety risks that should be taken into consideration vary from one place to another. For instance, in places where there is flammable or explosive gas, such as at a gas station or oil rig, precautions need to be in place to prevent and contain explosions. All kitchens should have fire extinguishers present, and the ventilation ducts should be regularly cleaned.

When it comes to the general aims of security measures, there are a few main concerns that need to be addressed with any property. One thing that should always be addressed is the maintenance of equipment, as defective equipment can potentially be a risk to safety. Another one of these is the risk of fire, and includes not only the system for alerting people in the building and extinguishing fires, but also the protocols people are expected to follow in case a fire does break out. Every person working in a building should be trained to be aware and conscious of the need for security.

Examples Of Good Security Practices

There are some practices that can be implemented in any premises such as those in the following list:

  • If possible, workers should avoid working alone, especially during late-night hours.
  • Trash bins should be checked and emptied regularly.
  • Access control is the procedure of who is allowed in and out of which places, by which entry/exit points and the times access is allowed or denied. A team that strictly obeys access control codes is facilitating security.
  • Extra keys should be locked up in a secure place, like a security office.

In addition, every manager of a property or business should always be evaluating how security policies are being enforced, and how the premise is doing at reaching that target.

Anyone in Texas who has been injured as a result of a lapse in or lack of security at any public place they frequent may be able to receive financial compensation in order to help deal with the expensive costs of medical treatment. The consultation of a local lawyer who does personal injury cases may be beneficial. Contact our firm to know more.