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The names vary somewhat, depending on where you are. Tractor-Trailer, Semitrailer-Truck, Big Rig, Semi-Truck – all refer to a combination in which a tractor unit pulls a trailer with a load. If you’re been injured by one, you are likely dealing with devastating injuries.

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Exposing Negligence By San Antonio Truck Drivers

It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to blame other drivers for causing an accident. Exposing truck driver negligence is essential for assigning fault and recovering the full compensation you deserve for your catastrophic injuries. In investigating truck accidents, our attorneys work with accident investigators in measuring skid marks, reviewing data from a truck’s onboard black box data recorder, analyzing GPS information, and inspecting a driver’s logbook.

By comparing fuel receipts against GPS information, we can often determine if a truck driver exceeded his maximum allowable drive time hours. This is important in cases where driver fatigue is a factor. In measuring skid marks and analyzing data from a truck’s black box data recorder, we can often determine if a truck driver was speeding or engaged in unusual driving maneuvers.

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