Most Common Car Accident-Related Injuries

Our San Antonio Car Accident Attorneys Can Help With Compensation

There are many factors that impact the nature of your injuries in a car accident. These factors may include how fast the vehicles were traveling, where you were sitting, whether or not you were wearing your seat belt and even your body position.

There are so many variables, in fact, that it often takes a team of experienced personal injury attorneys and experts to determine what exactly happened in the auto accident and exactly how you were injured.

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, in San Antonio, we have the resources necessary to do this. Representing car accident victims throughout south Texas, south-central Texas, and across the state, our lawyers handle many different injuries commonly caused in auto accidents:

  • Orthopedic injuries: Problems that affect the bones, joints and ligaments are some of the most common in car accidents. Many of our clients have received broken bones that are painful now and may lead to arthritis later in life.
  • Neck or back pain: Neck or back pain is often an indicator or more serious problems, like herniated discs, which require can require surgery. Back pain that radiates into the arm, hand, thigh or leg can be a sign of nerve damage.
  • Muscle strains: Cervical or lumbar muscle strains are common back problems that car accident victims experience when their cars stop suddenly.
  • Brain/head injuries: Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), concussions and other injuries to the head or brain.
  • Injuries to joints: Injuries to knees, ankles and hips often occur in front-end collisions. Depending on the nature of the car crash, many people also experience injuries to the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hands.

A Thorough And Complete Approach To Your Medical Conditions

When you work with The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we will conduct extensive investigations of your medical records. We will make sure that you see specialists who can treat you effectively, and we will work with you to gain a full understanding of your condition

You will then know exactly how the car accident has affected your body, and you will gain the complete physical picture of your injuries today and in the years to come.

Knowing what to anticipate is a huge advantage in personal injury litigation. The law provides only one chance to recover compensation for your injuries after an accident. Having full understanding of your car accident injuries is critical to gaining complete compensation that covers all of your medical needs.

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