Five Key Things To Know About Truck Accidents

Until you got injured by one, you probably took trucks for granted. Now that an accident has happened, however, you are probably looking at tractor-trailer accidents and other truck crashes with new, more critical eyes.

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Here are five key things to know as you try to understand what has happened – or what could happen to others.

  1. Tech in the cab Many drivers have a computer, laptops, cellphones, sometimes even TV. It’s not an age anymore when CB was the only connection point. And this can lead to a lot of distracted driving.
  2. Driver fatigue Many drivers put in many more hours in a row than they are supposed to under federal regulations. The resulting driver fatigue is a big cause of accidents, despite the best efforts of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  3. The weights of big trucks are enormous With a big rig, it is not unusual to have 80,000 pounds of inertia. The resulting injuries caused by large trucks, such as 18-wheeler accidents, are often catastrophic or even fatal.
  4. Oil field areas are dangerous Hiring practices of trucking companies that operate in or around the oil fields are often problematic. People with prior convictions for DUI or drug use may be hired, as well as those with substance abuse or medical issues that may include sleep apnea. Issues such as seizures or heart attacks or diabetic incidents behind the wheel put others at risk, as to sleep-deprived truck drivers.
  5. Hiring an attorney early is important After a truck accident, an aggressive investigation is critical. It’s necessary to get a look at the logbooks and get the black box and, if available, the video cams. It’s important for your attorney to get in and get this information before it’s destroyed.

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