San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers Representing Those Injured In T-Bone Collisions

Texas Trial Attorneys Helping Those Involved In Side-impact Car Accidents

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we have experienced Texas car accident lawyers who can help. In a T-bone collision, which is also known as broadside or side-impact, you are likely to sustain serious injury. When one car strikes another broadside, the struck car can be spun out of control, hitting other cars or pedestrians, or the struck car could rollover.

And the greater a driver’s speed or recklessness, the greater the impact will be on innocent motorists and passengers who are injured in a car crash. Drivers who hit other cars because they were speeding and/or failed to yield the right of way will cause serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicle they hit in the side-impact crash, especially those who were on the side of the vehicle that was hit.

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Broadside Accidents Cause Serious Injury

T-bone collisions often occur in intersections, where one driver runs a stop sign or red light, but these collisions also occur when a driver pulls out in front of oncoming traffic on the highway or other road. Left-hand turns into oncoming traffic are particularly dangerous, as drivers often fail to use enough caution when pulling out, and end up pulling out in front of vehicles they don’t see.

Board-Certified Personal Injury Specialists

As board-certified personal injury specialists under the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, we know that avoiding (or causing) a side-impact car crash has a lot to do with your ability to anticipate what other drivers are going to do on the road, as well as staying alert (not driving while sleepy), and understanding how your vehicle will behave based on present driving conditions. Of course, drunk driving and other forms of unsafe driving will impact a motorist’s ability to avoid a T-bone accident.

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